Safety Tips For The Summer Boating Season

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Every year, more than 500 Canadians die in water-related fatalities – 166 deaths per year are in boating-related incidents. So many of those accidents can be avoided. You simply have to keep a range of safe boating tips in mind. These tips are fairly straightforward. Understanding them will give you a safe boating season that does not sacrifice anything in the way of fun and relaxation.
When the temperature finally begins to hit that ideal peak for boating, there is no doubt that you’re going to be ready to hit the waters. Before you do, make sure you have the following areas properly covered:

Take a Safety Course on Boating

It is believed that approximately seven out of ten accidents are caused through operator errors. To that end, taking a safety course can go a long way towards preventing the possibility of becoming a statistic. Check out Transport’s Canada list of accredited course providers to find an online course or an in-person course Kingston, Ottawa, Brockville, Belleville, Peterborough, Trenton, Napanee, Gananoque, Bright, Smiths Falls, Prescott, or Cornwall.

Avoid Alcohol

While there is something to be said for having a beer on a beautiful, warm summer day, the sad reality is that you don’t want to bring those beers or cocktails onto your boat. Alcohol is the prime suspect in an overwhelming majority of boating accidents. In fact, it is illegal to operate a boat in Ontario while under the influence of alcohol. Stay hydrated, but not with alcohol.
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Believe it or not, carbon monoxide poisoning is a significant contributor to accidents and fatalities. A good way to avoid this is to start your blower a full two minutes before firing up the engine.

Avoid capsizing

Make sure your anchor is secured to the bow of your boat, rather than to your stern. This is how you can avoid capsizing.

Skiers and Tubers

Towing a skier or tuber is a great way to enjoy your boat. However, make sure to familiarize yourself with the safety rules that concern towing. Stay tuned for a future blog about safe water skiing and tubing!

Safety Equipment

You definitely want to have the right safety equipment on hand. This will include personal flotation devices for all passengers, throwable PFDs, a fire extinguisher, and flares. You’re also going to want a whistle or bell. It’s certainly not a bad idea to include a first aid kit.
Make Sure You are Covered
A big part of safety involves insurance coverage. Make sure you not only have comprehensive insurance, but that you also understand all of the particulars of your coverage.
Know who to call: If you are in an accident, make sure you know who to call in terms of legal protection. If you are injured in a boating accident, contact Zuber Brioux to protect your legal rights.

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