Personal Injury Lawyers in Cornwall

If you live in the Cornwall region and have suffered a personal injury you need to speak with a personal injury lawyer. Attorneys Tony Zuber and Paul Brioux are experienced injury lawyers at Zuber Brioux Injury Lawyers and have practiced injury law there for over 15 years.

Our areas of practice include:

Personal injuries can linger affecting your life for years to come. Something that may seem “minor” today can become a major problem in the future, perhaps troubling you for the rest of your life. It is always best to err on the side of caution and speak with a personal injury lawyer – why take the chance?

What about Legal Fees?

Here at Zuber Brioux Injury Lawyers, we only charge fees if we win the case. We then take our legal fees from the money we get you in your settlement.

What Now?

Call us for a free no-obligation visit and consultation. You may come into the office nearest you or if you prefer, we will come and see you in your home or at the hospital. Wherever is more convenient for you.


Most people are not aware there is a “statute of limitations” when it comes to your ability to sue. Time is important in these matters. Please contact us as soon as possible. Paul Brioux and Tony Zuber are two experienced personal injury lawyers in Cornwall. Get the “winning team” on your side email or call us now.


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