Q. I am Unable to Leave My Home for a Meeting. How Can We Discuss My Case?

A. Ontario Injury Lawyers represents injury victims throughout Eastern Ontario, including Kingston, Ottawa, Brockville, Belleville, Trenton, Peterborough, Napanee, Gananoque, Brighton, Smiths Falls, Prescott, and Cornwall. We are always happy to come to your home or hospital room to discuss your case and provide you with options. If you would like, we will arrange a telephone meeting first to ensure that you receive the valuable information you need right away. Remember that there is no charge and no obligation for the free initial meeting.

Q. How Much Will I Pay My Lawyer for Fees?
A. We understand that you are going through a difficult time and money is an issue now more than ever. For that reason, legal fees are only payable after your case is resolved and are based on a percentage of the overall recovery. At your free consultation, you will be fully informed by a lawyer about legal fees.
Q. How Long Will it Take to Settle My Case?

A. This answer depends on the complexity of your case, the stage of your recovery, and the severity of your injuries. It makes sense to determine your long-term needs before you resolve your case. For most cases, it takes between one to three years in order to properly prepare a case to ensure you receive a fair resolution. Some cases take less time and some take more.

Q. How Long Do I Have to Sue?

A. There are different limitation periods depending on the nature of your injury and how you were injured. It is important to contact our office immediately to find out how long you have to sue. The call is completely free and may be the difference between being able to bring a claim and not being able to.

Q. How Much Will I Get?

A. Every injury victim is different. It is impossible to advise you of the value of your case without first meeting with you and having the ability to analyze your case, your circumstances, and your medical condition. As the case develops it becomes easier to provide a range of what a fair resolution would be.

Q. Do You Represent Insurance Companies?

A. No, we do not act for insurance companies. We represent only injured victims and their families.

Q. Will the Insurance Company Continue to Pay My Medical Bills after I Hire a Lawyer?

A. Yes – hiring a lawyer does not affect your relationship with your own insurance company. What we can do is help you deal with your insurance company to ensure that they are providing you with the coverage that you paid for and deserve.