Personal Injury Legal Fees

Kingston Personal Injury Legal Fees

Billing clients for legal fees in personal injury cases are a little different than for other areas of law. Generally speaking the personal injury lawyer will charge you a contingency fee. That means you can hire a lawyer to represent you without paying by the hour.

Ontario Injury Lawyers only get paid if the client receives money from those responsible for causing them harm. Our lawyers charge a percentage of whatever compensation they win for the client, plus any costs associated with pursuing the case. The client gets the rest.

“We don’t get paid unless you do.” It’s true. If no money is recovered, the client pays no fees.

Access to Justice

Our contingency fee arrangement means there is no risk to the injured person. It makes our quality legal representation affordable and accessible to everyone.

If you have suffered a personal injury and are looking for lawyers in Kingston, Ottawa, or the surrounding areas that specialize in personal injury claims, call Paul Brioux and Tony Zuber of Ontario Injury Lawyers and get the representation you deserve.