Things to Do

Things to Do When You Have Suffered a Personal Injury

Personal injury refers to physical harm and intentional or unintentional infliction of mental trauma. Most common personal injuries are caused during traffic accidents, vacation accidents, at workplace, through violence at home, by faulty gadgets, medical negligence, and a variety of other incidents. In case you have suffered a personal injury due to any of the above reasons, you must file a lawsuit for adequate compensation.

Understand Your Legal Right

Before filing your lawsuit, talk to a lawyer to understand if you have real arguments for seeking compensation under personal injury laws. Remember that if you agree to an out-of-court settlement proposed by insurance providers, you forfeit all legal claims in the future. Many law firms offer a free consultation so that you can always seek preliminary advice without having to pay any fees.

Remember the Time Frame

You lose your right to pursue your claims if you do not file your papers within the time frame stipulated by Canadian law. Different procedures will have to be completed within various time limits. Your lawyer can provide the best guidance on when to submit which paper so that your claim suit can proceed on the right track.

Note Down Details of the Incident

Don’t depend on your memory or give vague information while filing documents for your lawsuit. Note down everything you remember about how the mishap occurred, your position at that time, other people involved in the incident, the day, date and time, and comments of bystanders.

Your notes should also mention your exact condition immediately after the incident for example, your trauma, pain, discomfort, loss of sleep, and other issues. Do not forget to mention other losses and inconveniences like loss of wages, inability to attend or perform social or family duties, cancellation of vacation, and more.

Collect & Preserve Evidence

Providing evidence is another crucial aspect that determines the outcome of your lawsuit. If the injury was caused outside your home, revisit the scene to collect all the evidence you can. Take photographs from different angles and include everything that you think may have some connection with your case. Talk to witnesses, note down their view of the incident and also every additional information provided by them.

Gather Medical Records

If you have a personal injury lawsuit, medical records often hold the key to the end result. In many cases they are crucial to prove that the injury you are claiming compensation for has been caused by the particular incident and not a pre-existing condition. Medical records also prove the extent of your injuries, your present physical or mental condition, future predictions, expenses incurred or to be incurred, and much more.

Final Thoughts

If you have been injured you want to make sure you get the best possible legal representation. It is the lawyer’s job to facilitate all the above. They will insure that the proper evidence is collected and your personal injury case is prepared properly so that you will receive the compensation you deserve.

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