Traumatic Brain & Spinal Cord Injury Claims

brain and spinal cord injury

Traumatic injuries are debilitating, frustrating, and deeply stressful not just for the victims, but for those close to them having to provide support throughout the recovery process. Spinal cord damage and traumatic brain injury are violent and profoundly upsetting for all involved, and it comes as no surprise that the costs associated with such events can be equally distressing.

Major financial expenses pertaining to traumatic injuries can include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Prescription drug costs
  • Rehabilitation and recovery programs
  • Counseling fees (for victims and families)
  • Critical and attendant care
  • Temporary or long-term loss of victim’s income

Swift Legal Action Is Essential

It is critical that you or a family member approaches a knowledgeable legal team for an immediate and effective representation to ensure appropriate compensation, as well as the financing of benefits. To avoid unnecessarily paying out-of-pocket for the critical care required in early stages of treatment for traumatic injuries, contact Ontario Injury Lawyers as soon as possible to begin work on a detailed claim.

We will do everything to assist you and your family throughout this difficult time in regards to securing financial restitution to make the road to recovery easier. Through our extensive legal knowledge on such claims and in accessing a wide variety of up-to-date medical and rehabilitation resources, your needs will be met quickly and efficiently. We strive to ensure that your claims for compensation for the injuries and losses sustained are given a thorough examination and respectful verdict.

For close family members of a traumatically injured individual, there are other forms of compensation potentially available, including for a temporary or permanent loss of the victim’s income, strain on companionship and guidance, and loss of care resulting from the severity of the injury in question. We fully respect and appreciate the gravity of such situations, and will remain fully committed to protecting victims of traumatic injuries as well as their families, while holding liable parties fully responsible throughout the legal process.

Contact Ontario Injury Lawyers as soon as possible if you or a family member is currently suffering through a traumatic injury and believe you are entitled to financial restitution. By acting swiftly, we can help you with a claim, move through the legal process, and help provide appropriate compensation before the bills begin to pile up. Call or email our Ottawa or Kingston locations for a free consultation, and let us help move your family further along the road to recovery.

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