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All-terrain-vehicles — better known as ATVs, quads, or 4-wheelers — are exciting methods of transportation commonly found throughout rugged and rural areas. Popular among the young and young-at-heart, the legal operation of these recreational vehicles is governed by a basic set of rules found in the Off-Road Vehicles Act, which states that:

  • Drivers must observe a speed lower than the posted limits
  • Passengers are not permitted
  • Drivers must not have obstructed views
  • Operation under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not permitted
  • Helmets must be worn at all times

However, those who are unfamiliar with the unprecedented power or nimble maneuverability of these vehicles are susceptible to injuring themselves and others, as well as potentially damage property. This also applies to drivers who do not adhere to the rules and regulations established to protect themselves as well as others.

The nimble nature of an ATV poses a danger in the form of it being susceptible to flipping over, which results in many accidents. Typical injuries include broken bones, head injuries of varying degrees of extremity, and even fatalities. Victims and their loved ones are directly and indirectly impacted on a physical and economic scale to varying degrees, depending on the severity of the injuries, subsequent medical costs, and other factors. In the event of a fatality, bereavement-related stresses can affect loved ones, resulting in funeral and death-related expenses as well as profound emotional distress. Regardless of the outcome, however, you are never alone in the fight for compensation and closure.

We Can Help to Eradicate Financial Burdens

If somehow you have been injured in an ATV-related accident or mishap, contacting Zuber Brioux Injury Lawyers is the first step towards securing financial restitution for losses stemming from medical expenses, time off from work, and other factors. The laws concerning accidents involving all-terrain vehicles and other recreational vehicles differ from those pertaining to automobile-related mishaps, but we are experienced and familiar with these differences and are fully prepared to help you attain the financial compensation that you may be entitled to.

Based out of Kingston and Ottawa, Zuber Brioux Injury Lawyers is well versed not just in regards to justice for all-terrain-vehicle (ATV) accident victims, but for those impacted by a range of other accidents and unforeseen events including motorcycle, automotive, and boating accidents, as well as recreation injuries, personal assaults, and disability claims, among others. Contact us for a free consultation at any time via email or phone, and allow us to make your road to recovery easier.

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