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Ontario is a land extensively dotted with sprawling lakes and rivers, and the warmer seasons of the year bring with them a newfound interest in the great outdoors. As a result, boating is an incredibly popular sport and hobby for many Ontarians and visitors. Cottage communities such as Rideau Lakes, Prince Edward County, and the 1000 Islands, are popular boating destinations for people from Ottawa, Kingston, and nearby towns. Elegant sailing vessels, powerful motorboats, fishing boats, and a wide array of personal watercraft regularly cruise along the waterways in these areas, among countless others throughout Ontario.

With the arrival of warm weather and gentle breezes also brings with it an unfortunate host of boating-related mishaps and accidents for varying reasons. Some are attributed to weather-related accidents and mechanical issues, while others are the direct result of negligence stemming from navigational errors, general inexperience, and other missteps attributed to ignorance or human error.

As boating season enters full swing, it’s important to remember your rights as a responsible boater injured in an accident or mishap stemming from the negligence of others. Personal injuries from watercraft-related mishaps can be extreme in many circumstances, in many instances including major neck, head, torso, and limb injuries. Head injuries, in particular, are a concern, as they often result in brain damage that could vastly alter a victim’s life. The potentiality of drowning or loss of consciousness leading to comatose conditions is also greater, and as a result, families of those injured are often widely impacted through medical care and support-related expenses — most of which may come out-of-pocket.

However, it is entirely possible to sue a negligent watercraft operator for financial or personal damages to yourself or your family stemming from an accident. Economic losses can be reversed through legal action at Zuber Brioux Injury Lawyers to provide victims and their families with financial restitution. It is vital that innocent parties impacted by such accidents are respected and fairly compensated for losses.

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