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motorcycle accident

Motorcycles and bicycles are highly efficient, reliable, and nimble methods of transportation, and it’s no surprise that ridership has grown substantially in recent years. With smaller and more lightweight ways of getting around, however, there is a higher risk of personal injury due to riders being openly exposed to the elements and surrounding traffic.

Unfortunately, motorcycle and bicycle accidents do happen. Motorcyclist and cyclist often have to navigate hazardous road conditions, with priority regularly given to regular vehicle traffic in congested areas. Heavy traffic, a lack of bike lanes, and obstructed lane segments all contribute to accidents and collisions. When these factors are combined with a potentially distracted, unaware, or negligent motorist, injuries and even death from such accidents can occur.

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It’s not surprising that when larger vehicles make even the slightest of contact with a bicycle or motorcycle, it can result in serious or even catastrophic injuries. Contacting Zuber Brioux Injury Lawyers immediately after you’ve been endangered or injured in one of these accidents is vital, not only to protect your own rights but also to seek compensation for damages or injuries incurred by the responsible party or parties.

Enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle can be richly rewarding and invigorating. However, accidents of an unexpected nature can happen, no matter how prepared you are for them or how quick your reflexes may be. Incidents involving drivers unpredictably opening their doors as a bicyclist or motorcyclist is about to pass by are far too common, particularly in urban areas with more traffic. Frequent incidents such as these also serve as appropriate grounds for legal action.

We pride ourselves on protecting motorcycle and bicycle accident victims seeking compensation and justice for dangerous and often life-altering events. Also important to us is the well-being of family members impacted either directly or indirectly by an accident affecting a loved one or multiple family members. Out-of-pocket medical or personal care expenses can add up in a family’s effort to support individuals injured and in pain, creating problems for multiple lives as a result. We strive to defend you and fully assist with these cases.

In the event of an accident, trust in Zuber Brioux Injury Lawyers. We encourage you to contact us for a free consultation via email or phone at any time. Let us help to close a distressing chapter with the closure you rightfully deserve.

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