4 Tips for Safe Summer Swimming

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Now that summer weather is upon us we can finally take that long awaited dip in the pool. And nothing says goodbye to winter like doing a cannonball off the dock into the lake. Whether it’s a back yard pool party or a cottage beach bash, it’s important to exercise some basic swimming safety tips each and every time you enter the water to prevent injury.

The Buddy System

There is safety in numbers, so try to always have another person with you when going swimming. Having a swimming buddy ensures someone is always there to watch your back should you encounter any problems. However it’s not always possible to have somebody to swim with. Perhaps you want to have an afternoon dip in the pool and no one else is home, but try to alert someone that you are going for a swim. Even the best and strongest swimmer can drown for any number of reasons; by telling someone you are swimming and checking back with them after you can be sure someone always has your back.

Watch Your Alcohol Intake

Although a cold beer and a hot day might seem like a good idea, if you plan on swimming be sure to be extra vigilant. Alcohol-related accidents account for a tremendous amount of pain and suffering each year, whether it be death or injury. Mixing alcohol with swimming can be dangerous because you require more cognizant abilities to keep yourself safe while in the water. If you plan on having multiple drinks it is best to take some time out of the water to ensure your safety.


Remember to keep yourself hydrated as much as possible. Neither pool nor beach water provides adequate drinking water so be certain to have safe drinking water on hand. Keeping your body properly hydrated in the heat is extremely important to maintaining good health. Dehydration can be the source for a multitude of issues for your body including dizziness, muscle cramps, fever, irritably and confusion. Keeping a water bottle on hand every time you go swimming is the best way to ensure you are safely hydrated.

No Running on the Dock/Pool Deck

This message is one that has been driven into us since we were all small children, but it bears repeating. The reason we do not want running on the pool deck is simple; pool decks are slippery, and pool decks are also most often made of cement. Slip and falls on pool decks are so easily avoided by simply following the age-old rule and pacing yourself.

Swimming is an excellent way to pass the time, especially in the summer months, but do not fall victim to an easily avoidable injury. If you have been injured in a recreational accident or boating accident, book a consultation with Zuber Brioux to determine your legal rights.

Safe swimming, everyone!


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