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In the Province of Ontario, the Dog Owner’s Liability Act states that a dog’s owner is to be held fully responsible for any injuries caused by their animal. Dog attacks nowadays are relatively uncommon, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be vigilant as members of the public. Not every owner is willing to train or properly care for a pet, and this almost always results in it exhibiting aggressive or temperamental behavior. This can therefore cause the dog to become easily territorial and even lunge at owners, strangers, or even family including children. There have been many tragedies in the past stemming from dog attacks, almost always the byproduct of selfish and careless ownership.

The unfortunate thing about dog attacks is that they can often be quite brutal. Depending on the size of the dog in question, the bite level, and degree of severity of the attack, victims often need to be treated for a wide array of injuries, ranging from small scratches or teeth puncture wounds to massive tissue damage, scarring, blood loss, and emotional distress. Of course, applying common sense and not approaching a dog as a stranger will go a long way in protecting yourself, but even then, these animals are unpredictable and it never bodes well to assume you may appear as a friend to an unfamiliar one.

Victims of dog bites or attacks often face a range of different economic problems, particularly those with more severe wounds. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you could be faced with:

  • Prescription drug costs
  • Reconstructive surgeries/skin grafting expenses
  • Counselling, treatment, and recovery-related costs
  • Temporary or permanent loss of income if the victim is unable to work

The very first and most crucial thing to do when bitten or attacked by a dog, regardless of the severity, is to seek immediate medical attention to protect yourself from infection or disease. Be sure to have photographs taken of all injured areas, and keep all receipts or other documentation related to the attack in any way. Uncover as much information about the dog’s owner as possible — either on your own or with the help of a family member — including their name, address, telephone number, social media accounts, email address, photographs available online, and anything else that could help protect you.

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Following a dog bite or attack, you won’t initially know the full outcome due to the unpredictability of any animal. Once you’ve been injured and faced with medical expenses, it becomes clear. Contact Zuber Brioux Injury Lawyers at our Ottawa or Kingston locations via phone or email for a free consultation, and we will preserve your rights for compensation and justice through a thorough legal investigation.


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