5 Tips for Preparing for Discovery

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If you’re going to trial, you need to know how to prepare for discovery. This is vital and this is why we’ve chosen to focus on sharing five tips for preparing for discovery in the province of Ontario.

What is Discovery?

Discovery happens when a lawyer from the other side presents queries under oath. It doesn’t take place within the courtroom. Preparing for discovery is all about learning how to testify during the pre-trial discovery phase. Your personal injury lawyer will help you by telling you the smartest ways to truthfully answer questions.

Meetings with Lawyers

Talking to your lawyers about what happens during discovery should always be a vital part of preparation. Your lawyer or lawyers should provide you with factual information about what’s going to happen and how you should handle it.

Study of Learning Materials

Meetings are helpful, but it’s also helpful to get learning materials straight from your lawyers, which assist you with learning about the discovery process and how to get through it successfully.

Case Review with your Lawyer

Preparing for discovery is also about reviewing every relevant fact in your case, so that you understand your case completely from a legal standpoint. So, meetings with lawyers should also include comprehensive case review, such as review of medical records and other pertinent paperwork. The more you know about your case, the better.

Question and Answer Sessions

Experienced lawyers have an excellent sense of the questions that opposing counsel are likely to ask. In order to prepare their valued clientele for the discovery phase, they often put together lists of questions, which they ask their clients to answer. This preparation makes the process of discovery smoother and less stressful, as clients know exactly what to expect.

Important Issues are Discussed

If you aren’t a salaried employee, you may need to explain your pay structure and how you work. This is just one example of an important issue which you may need to think about before you begin discovery. Your lawyer will pinpoint all important issues, so that you may formulate your thoughts and communicate vital facts successfully.

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