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Personal Injury Lawyers in Smiths Falls

Smiths Falls residents, like those in other communities across Ontario, deserve the best and most proactive legal services possible when it comes to personal injury cases. Losing income, time, and energy on behalf of someone else’s negligence is never right, and if you are met with such a situation, you deserve appropriate compensation.

Personal injuries can reshape the futures of entire families. Relatives may need to assist with extra expenses, the injured individual(s) won’t be able to work while recovering, and collectively this can take an emotional and financial toll. This is where Zuber and Brioux can step in and try to make a difference with our personal injury legal services for Smiths Falls residents.

Why us? There are lots of lawyers in the Smiths Falls area, but many of them do not specialize in personal injury claims. We do, and our services are based on years of knowledge and practice in making a difference in the lives of local residents. Often people that have been injured go to their local general practice lawyer that might be ideal for divorces or estate law but may have little to no experience with personal injury claims. Ontario Injury Lawyers handles nothing but injury cases, and we’ve been doing it successfully for over 15 years now. Why take the chance with an inexperienced lawyer? Call to arrange a free no-obligation consultation.

What about Legal Fees?

When you hire from Zuber and Brioux, there is no financial risk. We don’t charge you a fee until a settlement is reached. With our experience, connections, and perseverance, we will get you the compensation for your injuries that you rightfully deserve.

What Are My Chances of Winning?

Even though our success rate is very high, no one can guarantee that there will be an acceptable settlement reached. However, once we have determined the facts of the case, we are better able to ascertain our chances of winning the case and will closely consult with you. Because we are taking the financial risk and investing our resources, we won’t take on a case unless we feel we can win.

Our areas of practice include:

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