Recreational Sports & Facility Accidents

Most recreational facilities continually attract new and returning visitors eager to partake in their provided services and organized sports-related activities. Vacation resorts, public pools, community centres, arenas, ski hills, tennis clubs, and golf courses are just a few examples of such facilities, and more than ever they collectively host countless guests on an annual basis.

The owners and operators of such facilities are responsible for ensuring that all property and equipment is safe, including for staff as well as guests. They are required to provide any sufficient repairs, cleaning, upgrades, safety checks, general inspections, and service quality control required to operate a business that is safe, secure, and free of hazards or health risks.

Unfortunately, not everyone plays by the rules. As a result, accidents stemming from shoddy repairs, measures undertaken to cut costs or poor hazard prevention are all too common. As competing organizations and businesses move in and set up similar establishments, existing facilities lose a chunk of business and therefore less income. To make ends meet and prevent further financial losses, some operators or owners may allow for a few preventative measures to be overlooked. Until an accident resulting in an injury and possible lawsuit occurs, these irresponsible parties typically don’t bother to care until their reputations are threatened.

Let Us Help Make Things Right

Ontario Injury Lawyers will not stand by and allow for such practices to continue. If you have been subsequently injured as a result of a recreational accident, you may be able to claim compensation even if you already signed paperwork releasing the operator of any obligation or responsibility to provide financial restitution. We will thoroughly review and analyze any waivers or documentation you have signed, as well as any available receipts or tangible proof of your presence at the liable operator or owner’s establishment where the accident took place. It is crucial that you provide any photographic or video-based evidence that could play a role in proving your suffering as a result of negligent operational practices.

Nobody deserves to suffer from an injury, especially on property that is required to uphold strict safety regulations and operational standards. If you or a family member has been injured and actively seek compensation for lost wages, medical expenses, or other financial detractions resulting from a recreational accident, contact Ontario Injury Lawyers immediately before owners or operators attempt to cover their tracks. Contact our Ottawa or Kingston locations via email or phone for a free consultation, and let us help protect you and fight for financial restitution.

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