Canada Pension Plan Disability Claims

cpp disability claim

Being disabled can be a daily challenge, and with the medical, financial, and emotional burdens potentially inflicted upon your life as a result, it can be difficult to make ends meet. However, if you have paid into the Canada Pension Plan (CPP), you very well may be eligible for CPP-related disability benefits. These are specifically implemented to provide financial relief to Canadian citizens who have made sufficient, regular CPP contributions despite living with a severe and prolonged disability.

The process through which CPP-related disability benefits are approved for individual disabled Canadians can be a long and arduous one, particularly for those suffering economically or living with severe and frustrating disabilities. Medical expenses and day-to-day costs can soar depending on what is required to make a specific individual as comfortable and free of distress as possible.

Some of the expenses associated with everyday life with a disability can include:

  • Temporary or Permanent loss/deduction of income
  • Expenses related to specialized medical treatments
  • Prescription drug costs
  • Lost financial opportunities (ineligibility for domestic assistance if living with family, etc.)
  • Fines and/or bills resulting from misinterpreted breakdowns or uncontrollable incidents
  • Prolonged counseling, support, and rehabilitation costs
  • Fees for special services required by specific disabilities
  • Home renovation and equipment costs to maintain a standard of living
  • Specialized transportation charges
  • Home-based care attendant fees
  • Expenses associated with guilt or frustration (gifts for caregivers, etc.)

The list of expenses associated with a severe disability is staggering, to say the least, and many Canadians living in such conditions are faced with these unnecessary stresses and burdens in their lives if they are denied CPP-related benefits. It is important that those eligible for such financial support receive it as these benefits can dramatically influence livelihoods in a positive manner, but that isn’t always the case. Those suffering emotional and economical stresses from a severe disability can find comfort in financial restitution for many of the expenses burdened upon their shoulders. Many don’t fight to obtain benefits they were initially denied, and this reluctance to come forward typically out of shame, guilt, frustration or even a determination to take care of themselves without others needed to step in.

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