5 Motorcycle Safety Tips

5 Motorcycle Safety Tips

Finally, the summer is here! With the summer comes great riding weather. It’s time to dust off that motorcycle and riding gear and hit the open road! Before starting to ride again, it’s important to go over the rules of the road and to think about safety first and foremost. The following are a list of five important safety tips every motorcyclist should know and remember in order to come home safe and sound:

Wear a Helmet

This one isn’t just a tip, it’s the law, and for good reason. Studies have shown that helmets prevent around 37 percent of motorcycle driver deaths during a crash. Find a helmet that correctly fits so it is comfortable and there will be no need to adjust it while on the road. Make sure the helmet gives a good cone of vision out of the front of the visor and that peripheral vision is not impaired in any way.

Be Visible

Motorcyclists should wear bright colours and reflective strips so that other motorists can easily see them during the day and at night. Bikes should have their headlights on at all times as well. The bike should be positioned in a lane for maximum visibility, which means stay out of other vehicles’ blind spots. Always use signals when turning and make liberal use of the motorcycle’s horn.

Ride Cautiously

More than half of all fatal motorcycle accidents occur when the motorcyclist was not obeying the speed limit and loses control of their vehicle. Riders need to be aware of the weather and the road conditions and how those things can affect their motorcycle. Ride slower when the winds are blowing, when it’s raining or when the roads are bumpy or poorly maintained.

Drive Defensively

Motorcyclists should drive defensively at all times. They should protect themselves by keeping a bubble of space around them. They should always be paying attention to the traffic around them, in all directions. They need to be alert of other drivers trying to pass them or if any motorist is behaving abnormally or recklessly.

Stay Sharp

The better a motorcyclist is trained, the more likely they are to stay safe on the road and handle adverse riding conditions. They should be trained more than the average car driver, since it takes more than just eyes, feet, and hands to drive a motorcycle. Motorcycle enthusiasts should seek out further training after receiving their license.

Stay safe while out on the open road! If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, contact Ontario Injured. We’ll get you the compensation to which you are entitled.

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