Prevent a Fireworks Accident with These Safety Tips

Prevent a Fireworks Accident With These Safety Tips

Fireworks are always a nice send-off after a fun holiday. Whether it be Canada Day, Victoria Day, or Labour Day, fireworks are enjoyed at night by people young and old. You can count on professionals putting on big shows at major events to know how to handle fireworks safely.

For those ambitious enough to plan their own show in the sky, they need to know the importance of safety when it comes to fireworks. The following are some safety tips to pick the best spot to have a fireworks show and how to handle the fireworks properly:

Picking a Spot

Fireworks should only be set off in a clear, open area. Most backyards are not big enough to safely set off fireworks. A big open field, like a nearby soccer field is better suited for fireworks. There should be enough room for spectators to watch the display at a safe distance. If anything were to go wrong, people would be able to get out of the way and have enough time to react. Nobody should be smoking near fireworks and they should not be handled anywhere close to an open campfire. All children should be supervised around a fireworks display. Kids are curious and unable to stay still because of the excitement involved in a fireworks show. Make sure those little hands don’t start rummaging through dangerous explosives!

Handling Fireworks

There are a few rules that everyone should follow when handling and lighting fireworks. There should always be water available nearby in case something goes wrong and there is a fire. Fireworks should never be held in someone’s hand while they are being lit. Many a nasty burn has been treated at a hospital after an attempted fireworks display. Fireworks need to be pointed upwards, and they shouldn’t be anywhere close to bushes, trees, homes or other flammable objects. Fireworks should never re-lit if they didn’t work the first time.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Check the local weather report for that night before you plan a fireworks display. Fireworks should not be ignited during high winds, as the trajectory they take when being set off will be unpredictable. For the safety of the handler and the spectators, there should not be an amateur fireworks show during a thunderstorm. The odds are low of course, but you don’t want a poorly placed lighting strike ruining the night of one of your friends. There is a chance the fireworks could be set off by lightning as well.

Stay safe this summer! If you are injured in a recreational injury, contact Ontario Injury Lawyers in Ottawa and Kingston, we’ll get you the compensation to which you are entitled.

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