Enjoy a Safe Summer Drive with These Tips

Driving in summer weather

There’s nothing quite like hitting the open road for a family road trip in the summer. Whether you’re traversing across the quiet highways of Eastern Ontario or zooming off to the many great attractions just a few hours’ drive from home, there’s plenty to see. A car accident can quickly turn a summer filled with fun and delight sideways. So follow these tips for a safe summer drive from personal injury lawyers in Ontario:

Rest Up

You should always be well-rested before you leave on a road trip. Sleep well the night before, and have coffee or caffeinated soda on hand to keep your energy levels high. If you do feel yourself getting drowsy, pull off to the side. It’s better to arrive late than never at all. Don’t put yourself or your fellow drivers on the road at risk.

Share the Duties

If you expect to travel more than four hours or so, you should have a plan to account for tiredness. Share the driving duties with your spouse or a friend who has joined you on the road. If you are the sole eligible driver, consider stopping at a town along the way and staying overnight so you can get the rest you need.

Kids & Distraction

Kids can be quite distracting in the back. Make sure they are buckled into their seats at all times. Discourage them from play fighting or being too noisy. Ideally kids will be asleep, but if not give them activities that distract their attention. Games like I Spy or counting coloured cars can keep them busy and still.

Schedule Breaks

Unless you’re going to the cottage an hour away, you should schedule breaks. This will be an opportunity for you and your passengers to get out, stretch, go to the washroom, and get something to eat or drink. This lets the whole crew reset and become re-energized for the next leg of the journey instead of getting restless in the car.

No Cell Phone

Set your cell phone on silent or turn it off when you’re on the road. If you are expecting a call or text, let your front seat passenger check the phone or answer it for you. Even hands-free devices can distract your attention when you’re driving. If you absolutely must be in contact, wait until you reach a rest stop to pull over and respond.

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