3 Common Vehicle Accident Myths

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There are many vehicle accident myths that can not only be misleading, but that could even get you into a bit of trouble including:

Calling the Police

Many people are under the impression that you only have to call the police if you feel it is necessary. However when there is a serious accident with damages over $1,000 or where injury or death is involved it is the law to call the police. If your damages seem minimal take the time to drive to the closest collision reporting center so there is a record of the incident. Often damage is more extensive than it appears at first glance. When you are handed the bill it can be hard to make an insurance claim for a vehicle accident after the fact if you did not report it. This could leave you out of pocket for the damages.

New and Improved Vehicle

Another sad truth about insurance is that they are not obligated to replace and repair your vehicle with brand new parts. Many drivers think they will end up with a new and improved vehicle once the repairs are made. Unfortunately most policies provide parts of a “similar kind and quality”. In fact in many cases if you do require new parts the full cost will not be covered by your insurance company and you will have to pay the difference.


Another common myth is where fault lies when it comes to insurance. It might seem logical that if the police find you were not at fault your insurance company will as well. Unfortunately your insurance company will make some basic assumptions such as if you were in the rear you must be at fault.

You can contact a lawyer when you feel you are being treated unfairly by your insurance company. A lawyer can also assist with a personal injury law suit whether you wish to file one due to your injuries or the other driver has filed one against you.

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