What to Do if You’ve Been in a Serious Car Accident

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If you or a loved one has been in a serious car accident it is hard to know what steps should be taken first. Here are the steps you should take if you’ve been in a serious car accident:

Remain at the Scene

It is possible to become disoriented following an accident and even want to drive away. However it is very important you remain at the scene of the accident. First you have to make sure everyone is okay. Second you have to be present when the police arrive or you can be charged with hit and run.

Check for Injury

If you are okay, immediately check on your passengers and then with the people in the other vehicle. Do not move anyone and call for an ambulance right away in the case of injury.


When the police arrive make sure there is an accident report filed. This is necessary in the case of physical damage to your vehicle, injury or, worst case scenario, a death. Ask for the badge numbers and names of the police officers.

Do not Admit Fault

It might be tempting to apologize to the passengers and drivers involved in the other vehicles. However by apologizing witnesses can then state that you did in fact admit responsibility. This evidence could be used to find you liable should they take you to court. Until you know exactly what has happened it is best to make sure everyone is all right and then exchange information.


Use your cell phone or camera to record the damages and the accident scene.

Find Witnesses

See if you can spot any witnesses and ask them what they saw. This way you have information you can pass onto your lawyer. If possible get names and phone numbers so you can contact them.

Medical Records

Take note of all medical treatments including medication and dates to see specialists, etc. This way you will have a record of medical expenses and proof of pain and suffering due to your injuries. Be sure to also record any time you’ve missed work that may interfere with your earnings.


Contact your insurance company right away and arrange for a property damage valuation. Also have two quotes from trusted auto shops so you can see how fair the insurance adjusters have been.

Contact a motor vehicle accident lawyer right away. They will help maximize your compensation and defend you if you were at fault.

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