What to Do Following a Boating Accident


Now that the sun is shining, and the water has melted, in go the skates and out comes the boats! With great waters such as Lake Ontario, the Thousand Islands, and Rideau Lakes, many people in Eastern Ontario love to take advantage of the great outdoors.

The possibilities on water are diverse and almost endless. From the quiet and patient fishing trips using paddleboats to the extremes of jet-skiing, water activities could be for everyone. There are quiet a few options on the water: you can water-ski, kayak, go yachting or simply taking a speed boat away from shore and decide to go for a swim.

Unfortunately, like all fun activities, there are chances for misfortune. Boats could topple over from natural causes or user error. There are possibilities of crashing the boat for the same reasons. These incidents include damage to boats, serious injury and even death in the most serious cases. Just because boats are situated in vast pools of water does not make them accident proof. If anything were ever to happen, it is very important to do the following:

Make sure everyone is ok. Boats can be repaired or replaced, but humans unfortunately can’t be. It is ideal to have a First-Aid kit on board in case of emergencies. Check with everyone on the boat if they are alright or require medical attention. If the medical attention needed surpasses the practicality of the First-Aid kit, call or use a radio to contact the coast guard.

Notify the Authorities. If after an incident the boat is ok to sail to shore and continue your day, do not forget to notify the authorities to file a report. In Canada, they are known as the Transport Safety Board of Canada. Exchange all possible information with the coast guard including name, number, address, and time of incident. Exchange boat licenses and insurances and collect the contact information of everyone who took part in the incident.

Call Ontario Injured. Being left in the dark regarding your choices is not a great strategy. Call Ontario Injured to receive all the information required your options going forward so that you are prepared to deal with what the future might bring in regards to any boating accident. Boating incidents could results in serious injuries that could hamper your future financially. Don’t forget, the injury the boat would received would be costly to fix, so knowing all of your rights and strategies would definitely be an asset.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a boating accident, call Ontario Injured, they will give you all the information you need and they will fight to get the compensation you deserve.

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