Possible Ways to Stop Impaired Driving On Your Watch

impaired driving

Once getting into a vehicle while impaired, your life and the life of many strangers are jeopardized. Impaired driving can cause serious harm to yourself and everyone else with the slight accident. Here are some tips to negate impaired driving from every angle.

If you are organizing a party or a night out.

If you are organizing a night out or a party, organize a plan to get everyone home at the end of the night. Create carpools beforehand and plan a drop off list with the designated drivers. If there is a lack of designated drivers, contact your local taxi company and explain the scenario, as they would be glad to send some taxis over. Another possibility is to have a key drop off box. When an attendee arrives, they must drop off their keys and retrieve them the following morning once sober.

If you are a bystander at a party or a function with a plan to get home safely.

Congratulations if you have decided tonight that you will not be an impaired driver. Unfortunately not everyone makes that decision, thus someone with you might make that choice. If you see someone attempting to drive impaired, try all you can to attempt to stop that person from doing so. Understand that if the person is impaired, there is a big chance they will not appreciate what you are doing for them, but understand the long-term goal in this struggle. If you know someone who will be driving impaired, contact your local authorities as this is a danger that should not be permitted on the roads.

If you are attending a party or a night out.

Communicate with others who are going out to the same function and find out of there is a designated driver amongst them and ask if they are able to drive you home. Plan ahead of time, this way if there is no one to take you home, you can call your local taxi company and schedule a pickup or drop off. If you have chosen to drive, remember the consumption of alcohol is not an obligation and understand if you do choose to consume alcohol, the chance of being an impaired driver is now a possibility.

It’s important to keep the road safe, and the roads are a much safer place to be when there are no impaired drivers. Every drunk driving prevention reduces accidents and potentially saves lives of the driver and innocent bystanders. The lawyers at Zuber Brioux can answer any of your legal questions regarding drunk driving.

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