Top 10 Winter Driving Safety Tips


Driving your car in the winter can be pretty scary, especially if you don’t know anything about safety. Don’t go anywhere without keeping yourself and your vehicle protected.

Check Your Tires

Make sure that all your tires are in good working order before you pull out of the driveway. Your tires should be properly inflated and have good tread. In Canada, it is so important to have winter tires which are designed to handle dangerous winter conditions like ice, snow, and freezing rain.

Have High-Quality Wipers

Getting snow and ice off your windshield can be tough when you don’t have good wiper blades or cleaning solution. Check your wipers before you leave and make sure your car is stocked with windshield wiper fluid.

Be Sure Your Lights Work Properly

Other drivers need to be able to see you coming, especially when it is snowing or foggy. To stay safe and recognizable, turn your lights on and push the brakes a couple times to ensure everything is functioning as it should. Make sure you brush the snow off your lights before driving.

Plan Around the Weather

The fewer cars on the road during a winter storm, the better. Unless you absolutely must drive, do your best to plan your errands around the weather. Work together to keep the roads safe – for example, you can offer to pick up groceries for your elderly neighbour instead of having them hit the road.

Remain Calm

One of the worst things you can do when driving in the winter is to lose your cool or become nervous. White-knuckle driving is dangerous and can get you seriously injured, so try to remain calm at all times. If you believe it is too dangerous to drive, trust your instincts and stay home.

Cut Down Your Speed

Going fast on slippery winter roads will get you nowhere in a hurry. Slow down, be careful, and stay safe out there. Give yourself extra time so you don’t have to rush.

Keep a Safe Distance

In good weather you should follow the “two second rule.” Choose a marker such as a road sign, and count “one Mississippi, two Mississippi” until you reach the same sign. If you reached it in under two seconds, you need to increase your distance. In the winter, go ahead and double that.

Drive in the Tracks

The cars in front of you will be creating tracks in the snow. Those tracks are the safest spot on the wintery road, so fall in line.

Pump Your Breaks

If you do start to slide, NEVER slam on your breaks. Pump them instead or throw your car into neutral to stop the engine from pushing the car forward.

Turn Into the Slide

When braking doesn’t work you can manage your slide by turning your steering wheel in the same direction. Remember to remain calm while doing this and don’t overcorrect.

Sadly, car accidents are a common occurrence in winter weather. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Schedule a free consultation with Zuber Brioux to learn more about your rights following a car accident.


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