A Guide to Snowmobile Safety


Each year, dozens of people become seriously injured or lose their lives because they weren’t using their snowmobile safely. Snowmobiles can be a lot of fun, but sometimes there is a fine line between get a thrill and putting your body and life at risk. In general, these are the top safety rules for proper snowmobile operation.

Never Consume Alcohol or Take Drugs before Riding

Rides on your snowmobile may be part of the festivities, but you should never drink and drive – even if you’re playing on an all-terrain vehicle. Safely enjoying your snowmobile requires you to think ahead and be responsible for both yourself and your passengers. Say no to drugs or alcohol if you plan on hopping on for a ride or else you could end up very sorry.

Dress Appropriately for the Weather

Try to remember that you are going to be outside in the elements for a long time while enjoying your snowmobile. If something goes wrong and you find yourself stuck outside for a bit, you’ll want to keep your body temperature up. You’ll be experiencing extremely cold winds and lots of moisture, which can be a deadly combination for the unprotected immune system. Bundle up and prevent frostbite from claiming your extremities.

Stay Away from Bodies of Water

Riding your snowmobile over a large, flat plane is a lot of fun, and it helps you get a ton of speed. However, taking a ride over the top of a frozen body of water may be a risk you don’t want to take. One crack and you’re in big trouble, plus you could lose your expensive snowmobile through the ice.

Stay on Marked Trails

Trails are great because they have been cleared by someone already, which means you don’t have to take any chances. You can just get out there and have some fun when you’re on marked trails. In addition, this will allow you to have a safe adventure without having to worry about getting lost or running into treacherous landscapes. One of the great things about living in Eastern Ontario (Ottawa, Kingston, Belleville etc.) is access to so many scenic snowmobile trails.

Carry Basic Survival Supplies

Just in case you run into any trouble out there, despite your best efforts to stay safe, you should probably carry a first-aid kit and some basic survival supplies with you. This should include things like bandages, antiseptic, water, OTC pain meds, flares, and a flashlight. NOTE: No matter where you go or what you do while on your snowmobile, never travel alone.

If you are injured as a result of a snowmobile accident due to someone else’s negligence (such as another driver or poorly maintained trails), you may be entitled to compensation. Contact Zuber Brioux to learn more and get the care and support you need following a snowmobile accident.

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