Six Driving Practices to Avoid

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Whether you have just received your driver’s license or consider yourself a seasoned pro, there are a number of driving habits you should avoid. Here are six driving practices your car accident lawyer would advise you avoid so you can always stay safe:


Many drivers are surprised to hear that they are 23 more times likely to be involved in an accident when driving with distractions. 80 percent of collisions were caused by some form of distracted driving which translates into 4 million crashes each year in North America. Texting is fast becoming the number one reason for distracted driving. Before heading out on the road text people to let them know you are driving and then use your hands free device to take calls instead.

Putting on Makeup

Putting on makeup when driving is an impossible task. Looking at yourself when your eyes should be in the road is asking for trouble. Your rear view mirror is designed for watching cars behind you, not for applying makeup.


We all do it – speeding up to catch that amber light or pass a slow poke in front of us. The cold hard fact is speed kills. On a good day, you might save three seconds or even a couple minutes by speeding, but is it really worth it when the potential consequences are so deadly? Protect the safety of yourself and your fellow drivers. Follow the speed limits and stay safe.

Road Conditions

So many of us fail to adjust our driving to meet the changing weather. Always slow down and take caution in slippery conditions. Avoid driving in severe weather conditions such as freezing rain or severe rain or snow storms that will impair your vision. Even if the roads appear safe, black ice and other hazardous conditions may lurk beneath.

Eating and Drinking

Eating and drinking while driving is more distracting then you might think. It just takes five seconds to look down at your cup holder but even less time to find yourself skidding into a car suddenly stopped in front of you. If you must eat in your car, always be sure to pull into a parking lot or the side of the road.

A car accident lawyer sees the same terrible results of distracted driving day after day. Avoiding these dangerous habits will help you avoid life changing accidents.

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