What to do Following a Dog Bite

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Many people do not realize their rights when it comes to being bitten or attacked by a dog. Dog owners have responsibilities to keep their pets from causing damage to property as well as causing harm to people and other dogs. If you are attacked by a dog it can be hard to know what to do beyond seeking medical assistance. Here are the steps recommended by dog bite lawyers:

Take Pictures

With today’s audio-visually prepared society, there is a good chance that if anyone is around when the attack takes place, someone might have whipped out their phone and recorded it. Sad, but true, this recording could be your saving grace when it comes to seeking retribution with the help of dog bite lawyers. You can also take pictures of your injuries before any wounds are treated as well as a daily record to show the changing bruises, scarring, bleeding and even potential infections that might set in. The same procedures apply if it was your pet that suffered the dog bite.

Find Witnesses

Although you might think no one witnessed what happened, make sure to ask around. For example if it took place on a street with homes, take the time to knock on doors in the immediate vicinity that might have had a view from their front windows. As well, if someone saw the attack they might have also recorded it or taken pictures so ask about this as well. Get names and numbers you can pass onto dog bite lawyers who can then arrange to take down testimonies.

Contact Dog Bite Lawyers

Many people do not even think about contacting a lawyer following the attack of a dog. However, the onus is on the dog owner to provide compensation for any damages and costs associated with your care following the attack. For Canadians it is often assumed because we have OHIP we are not entitled to compensation. However dog bite lawyers will seek financial compensation for things not covered by OHIP from prescription medications to lost wages during your recuperation. Even wages lost for follow-up appointments or any form of therapy appointments can be included.

Keep in mind you can seek compensation not only for yourself but for a pet that might have been attacked by a dog. Dog bite lawyers will help you receive the financial reward you deserve to cover expenses associated with the attack.

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