Six Actions to Take When You’re Involved in an Accident Out of Province

Six Actions to Take When You’re Involved in an Accident Out of Province

While you might be comfortable travelling throughout an area you know well, it can be nerve-wracking to take a trip outside of your home province. Busy streets, strange routes, and new surroundings can sometimes result in an accident for even the safest drivers. If you are involved in an out of province accident, here are six actions you can take.

Remain Calm

Accidents are often frightening and traumatic events. Remain on the scene and try to stay calm. Assess yourself and surroundings, and verify whether you are hurt. Also steer clear of any immediate dangers, such as fires.

Understand the Situation

If you or someone else is injured, call for emergency services. If not, it is still important to call and report the accident. Start to gather information about the incident and your surroundings. Make note of any witnesses and ask for their contact information. Take photos and videos of the scene so you can show the full scope of damage. 

Keep to Yourself 

Limit your interaction with the other driver(s) in case they have a different version of events. Do not discuss any injuries you might have or try to negotiate with them. Instead, it’s better to leave that to the insurance company.

Alert Your Insurance Company

The location of the accident will impact your insurance claim. Call your insurer and let them know where it occurred and answer any other questions they might have.

Move Your Vehicle

Once the reports have been filed by police and you have taken the photos and videos you need for your insurance, move your vehicle out of the flow of traffic if possible. If the damage is extensive, make arrangements to have it towed.

Be Aware of Your Coverage

As part of Ontario law, insurance policies must carry a minimum of $200,000 in liability coverage for drivers. In addition, drivers are also covered in areas outside of Ontario including the U.S. However, some provinces in Canada have a lower amount of liability coverage, and some states don’t require insurance at all, which can be tricky when filing a claim.

If you are looking to file a claim, it is important to get in contact with an experienced legal professional, as laws and limitation periods can vary in different areas. At Zuber Brioux, we are experienced in those impacted by out-of-province car accidents and have the right tools to ensure optimal results. Contact us for a free consultation. 

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