Choosing a Personal Injury Lawyer

personal injury lawyer

Using a lawyer is not a common occurrence for most people. That means when it comes time to find one it might be a little difficult to know where to begin. If you have suffered a personal injury and require legal services to help with your case, use these tips to help find the personal injury lawyer who can best meet your needs.

Personal Injury Lawyers

There are many types of personal injuries from motor vehicle accidents to slip and falls, to dog bites and personal assaults. Finding a personal injury lawyer who specializes in your particular type of injury will work in your favour, as they will have the experience you need to fight your case.
Referrals from Acquaintances
Having a referral from someone who has benefited from the services of a particular lawyer might make you feel a little more confident in the lawyer’s ability. You can also refer to the Canadian Bar Association to find lawyers in your area. Just keep in mind it will still boil down to how you feel about the lawyer once you meet for a consultation.

Book a Consultation

A personal injury lawyer usually offers free consultations to discuss your case. This provides you with a perfect opportunity to meet with more than one lawyer to learn about their approach, experience and fees. You want to be certain you have a good rapport with your lawyer and feel you can trust them with your case. Find a lawyer who is direct, but still has a personality that is appealing and supportive. You want someone who sympathizes with your situation and will do their best to get the compensation you deserve.


When you meet with your lawyer be certain to ask about their legal fees. You want to know exactly how much you will be charged for their services. Many personal injury lawyers do not charge fees until you have been awarded compensation. This is always favourable as you will not be out of pocket until your case is resolved. Your fees are than deducted from the amount you are awarded. Just make sure you have a clear understanding of how much will go to your lawyer when they win.

These tips will help you find a personal injury lawyer with a good track record and expertise in your particular type of injury.

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