5 Things That Can Affect the Value of Your Accident Case in Ontario


Experiencing an accident can affect your life in many ways, and the challenges that can come from adjusting to an injury can cause long-term impacts. When you file an accident claim, the single most important component is how much money you will receive since there may be loss of income, legal fees, or hospital and specialist fees involved that need to be paid out of pocket.

Here we look at five things that can affect the value of your accident case in Ontario.

Provable Loss of Income

The biggest element to your settlement is having a provable loss of income. If you have an injury that has resulted in you being unable to return to work, or unable to work at your previous capacity, you will need to provide proof that you did not receive payment. In some severe cases, you may even have a claim for future, as well as past, loss of income. Specialists can help to provide information on the impact of the injury and your capacity to work in the given future.

Medical Records

Your medical records that outline all the issues and symptoms that you have been experiencing after the accident is crucial to your case. When you visit with your doctor make sure you explain how the injury affects your mental state and sleeping patterns, as well as the type of pain you are experiencing and how often it occurs. Having detailed records provided by your family physician that outlines all your visits will help add some weight to your case.


One item that can greatly affect the value of your accident case is whether you have seen a specialist. A specialist is used to properly diagnose your injury and recommend the appropriate treatment. They can also help outline how the injury will affect your life in the interim. Having the medical files that indicate your condition, as outlined by the specialist, can greatly improve the value of your case.

Medical Imagery

Having visual proof, such as medical imaging from a lab, can improve your chances for payment. Undergoing X-Rays, ultrasounds, CT scans, and MRIs are excellent proof of injury and can help back up the specialist’s diagnosis.

Lifestyle Changes

Being able to identify the lifestyle changes that have occurred because of the injury can make a difference in your case. Identifying activities you could do prior to the accident that you are no longer able to do, such as bend over or climb stairs, can have an impact. This also involves keeping track of any social events you have missed due to the injury.

Being thorough and having ample amount of proof of your injury can help you receive the value you deserve after enduring an accident in Ontario.

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