7 Signs of Concussion

7 Signs of Concussion

Have you or a loved one experienced a recent fall or blow to the head? If so, it’s vital to find out if the impact has caused a concussion. In most cases, concussions are not life-threatening, and most people fully recover shortly after. However, in some situations, they can be more severe and even lead to a coma if enough damage has been inflicted. Since the signs and symptoms are often subtle, it’s important to know what to look for so you can get the treatment you need. If you’re unsure about whether you need to see a doctor, check the list of symptoms below for signs of a concussion.


Double Vision

Your vision may become suddenly altered after enduring some form of impact to the head. A majority of symptoms will include double or blurry vision. Some people also experience sensitivities to light and intense headaches following head trauma. See your doctor if this you experience any of these symptoms.


Balance Issues

Those with a concussion will also experience issues with their coordination. You may have issues walking straight suddenly or veer of balance when getting up from sitting down.  


Confusion & Memory Difficulties

If you can’t remember the accident or if you feel dazed and confused, you should also get checked for a concussion. Especially if you’re having issues thinking clearly or reacting normally.


Nausea & Vomiting

It’s completely normal to feel nauseated after a hit to the heat as it can impact your inner eardrum and trigger this. However, if you’re repeatedly sick, it’s enough to diagnose a concussion and get it checked by your doctor.


Delayed or Slurred Speech

Are you struggling to get out your sentence or formulate words? Delayed or slurred speech are commonly associated with injuries to the head and can highlight more underlying problems. Never ignore these symptoms.



If you lost total consciousness and blacked out when you were hit, it’s imperative that you get to a hospital as soon as possible. Some people can also experience amnesia, where they think they were unconscious but were, in fact, moving around and responding. If you don’t have a friend or family member to diagnose these type of behaviours, it’s best to head to the hospital if you think you’ve experienced any blackouts, just to be safe.


When someone you love displays any of these signs of concussion, it’s important to visit your doctor immediately. Consider also talking to an injury lawyer if the concussion was caused by a car accident or an act of neglect. Call us at Zuber and Brioux, and we’ll help you determine whether  you’re eligible for compensation for your injuries.

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