5 Important Pedestrian Safety Precautions

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Harsh weather can be especially dangerous for pedestrians. Snow, wind, and icy conditions can make travelling by foot a risky venture. Slip and fall lawyers recommend taking the following precautions to stay safe while walking outdoors:

Plan Ahead

Much of the risk associated with being a pedestrian can be avoided by planning ahead. Check the forecast regularly and plan your activities and errands to avoid having to travel outside on days with excessive snow, frozen rain, or temperatures that will cause the ground to freeze over. If you can get things done on days with nicer weather, you won’t have to travel outside and risk an accident on the ice.

Keep Your Property Safe

Slip and fall lawyers highly recommend performing proper maintenance on your property to keep it safe. Make sure to shovel shortly after snowfall, and regularly apply sand, salt, or deicer products to your driveway, walkway, and front staircase to help melt away ice. Remember, you are not only protecting yourself and your family, but you will help keep visitors, delivery men, and postal workers safe when they come on your property.

Wear Safe Footwear

High-quality boots and shoes can help to prevent slips on the icy ground or slippery sufaces. Investing in proper footwear is one of the best decisions you can make. Choose well-made boots with tread that can help to guard against slips while also keeping your feet nice and warm. Slip and fall lawyers also recommend going the extra mile and investing in ice guards, which can increase traction and easily clip on to your boots. You may also choose to navigate with a walking pole or cane tipped with an ice pick if you must go outdoors on particularly harsh days.

Tread Cautiously

Slip and fall lawyers highly recommend walking with caution while outdoors. Bad weather can reduce visibility, and you may not even be able to see where patches of ice lurk. Snow on the ground is particularly hazardous, as it can hide ice underneath. So be sure to walk slowly and with caution. Keep your arms free to help you maintain your balance.

If You Do Fall…

Sadly, even while navigating with extreme caution, you may still slip and fall on the ice. If this happens on someone’s property, it is possible that they have been negligent and failed to maintain their walkways or stairs properly. If you experience an accident on the ice, promptly seek medical attention then contact slip and fall lawyers to assess if you have a viable negligence claim.

Follow these important pedestrian safety precautions but don’t fret – we promise spring is just around the corner!

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