What to Do When You’re in a Fender Bender

What to do when you're in a fender bender.

Accidents happen every day and some are more serious than others. A simple fender bender can be more of an inconvenience than anything, but even minor car accidents need to be properly taken care of. If you find yourself the victim of a minor car accident, follow these five steps.

Assess if you are Injured

The human body can be easily damaged by unplanned movements that can be caused by a car accident. Sometimes an unexpected jerk of your car from being struck from behind can cause injury that doesn’t present itself for a few days after the incident. Other times your injuries will be glaringly apparent such as broken bones or flesh wounds. If you need medical assistance after a car accident, be certain not to delay.

Move Somewhere Safe

If all cars involved are capable of moving out of the road they should do so to keep traffic flowing. For minor fender benders, it is ok to move the car to the side of the road or to a less busy side street or parking lot. If there is severe damage to your car and fluids are leaking it may be best to turn the car off and leave it where it is until help comes.

Exchange Information

After a minor car accident, you may be more annoyed than anything. Minor damage to your car can be an inconvenience to your busy schedule, but do not let frustration stop you from getting all the information you need from the offending driver. All parties involved should exchange insurance information and contact information. Take a picture of any damage caused to both vehicles and take a picture of the licence plate.

Decide if a Police Report Needs to be Made

Typically the police do not want to get involved in minor car accidents unless they have to. If damage over $2,000 is caused then the police should be involved and a formal accident report should be prepared. However if the damage is minor and can be handled privately between the parties, then the police should be left to handle other crises. If the driver who hit you is impaired, then call the police right away because a breathalyzer test will need to be administered right away.

Contact your Lawyer

If you feel you may need to press charges against the offending driver or if there seems to be a problem with the insurance company, it is best to call your lawyer right away. Explain the situation to your lawyer and they will be able to advise you accordingly. It is always best to involve your lawyer from the beginning so you do not make any missteps along the way.

Minor car accidents can be a nuisance but they can also cause more trouble than you may initially suspect. Knowing what to do when you’re involved in a fender bender can lead to a quicker resolve and will help put the incident in the past. If your case is more serious, contact Ontario Injury Lawyers in Kingston and Ottawa to arrange a consultation and discuss your case.

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