Staying Safe in the Winter


The winter can truly look like a magical time of the year with the glistening snow and icicles that cover every surface and every branch. But as the thermometer drops, that glistening “magic” can form into a dangerous slippery surface. Whether it’s walking along the footpaths, or driving to your family and friends’ homes during the winter months, it’s important to take extra caution to stay safe during the winter.

Here are some tips to help you steer clear of any slip & fall accidents this winter.

Wear Appropriate Footwear

Many of us are guilty of not always wearing the appropriate footwear when heading out the door in the winter. But all it takes is one false move and you could be on the ground, vowing never to forget to put on your boots again. Having shoes or boots with grips on the bottom are imperative for avoiding those accidental slips and falls.

Prepare for the Weather

Winter storms can whip up almost instantaneously. And having a sufficient amount of salt can sometimes be a challenge. It’s more common than not for stores to sell out of it completely. Plan ahead and stock up on some of the winter essentials like salt, to cover your surfaces (and any liabilities). You don’t want to deal with any consequences if you (or someone else) should slip and fall on your property.

Keep Your Car Clear And Prepared

Always keep your vehicle well stocked and adequately prepared for the winter weather. It’s imperative to keep a good ice scraper in the vehicle and clean it off thoroughly so that you have good visibility. It’s also important to ensure that your tires are sufficient to deal with those slippery surfaces. And always keep a shovel and some cat litter in the trunk just in case your car ever gets stuck.

Give Yourself Extra Travel Time

Rushing out in the icy weather is one of the most dangerous things you can do during the winter. Try to make an effort to give yourself plenty of time to get to where you need to go, whether it’s by foot or vehicle.

The winter can pose some extra dangers when it comes to simply getting from A to B. That’s why extra preparation, time, and caution are so important to think about to avoid accidents and keep you and your loved ones safe. So this winter season, take the necessary precautions to steer clear of accidents and stay safe.

If you are involved in a slip & fall accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Schedule a consultation with Zuber Brioux to determine your legal rights.

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