How Does a DUI Affect Your Driving Record?

How Does a DUI Affect Your Driving Record?

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a serious danger to yourself and others. Failing to pass a roadside sobriety test or being involved in a collision has grave repercussions on your life for years to come. In addition to hefty fines and jail time, the consequences of getting behind the wheel while impaired (as the charge is known in Canada) can impact your driving record as well. 

What is a Driving Record?

In Ontario, driving records are kept by the Ministry of Transportation for those who are licensed in the province. Aside from the classification of your licence, the record outlines any violations you may have committed while behind the wheel. This includes tickets, demerit points, and a history of your accidents or convictions. Also called a driver’s abstract, it differs slightly and can be used when applying for insurance. It might also be requested by a job that requires you to have a licence. One option is a three-year driving record, and the other is full licence history, each providing a different view of your driving past.

Having a DUI on Your Record

Impaired driving offences fall under the Criminal Code in Canada, which in turn makes consequences much more severe, some cases even resulting in jail time. Each province and territory further governs their laws around DUIs, and in Ontario, it likely means your licence will be suspended for some time and your vehicle will be impounded. You’ll have to pay penalties and take an educational course. While you won’t accumulate demerit points, this offence will appear on your driving record for a minimum of three years.

Impacts on Your Car Insurance

Your car insurance company will take the fact that you have gotten a DUI very seriously. One of two possibilities can happen: they could increase your premiums upon renewal as you are now a higher risk driver, or they could choose to drop you as a client permanently. It may take a few years before your premiums lower again, or it could be difficult to find an insurer who will take you on. 

While DUIs impact your driving record, they also have far-reaching effects on your day-to-day life. If you have been impacted by an impaired driving charge, the lawyers at Ontario Injured are here to help. We are experienced when it comes to these types of cases and are available to walk you through the process. Please contact us to learn more.

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