5 Ways Divorce Has An Effect On Your Child 

5 Ways Divorce Has An Effect On Your Child

Are you aware of how divorce can impact your children? Often times, parents are so caught up in the legal process, and what they’re going through that they often forget how it’s all weighing on their children. To better understand the ways divorce has an effect on your child and what you can do to mitigate it, read on.


For children, divorce can be especially stressful. Young children often struggle to understand what’s going on and why it’s happening, while grade school children tend to worry once they start to lose daily contact with one parent. This kind of stress tends to result in internalized feelings, trauma, and depression if it’s not addressed and dealt with properly.

Guilt and Anxiety

Kids often believe that divorce is partly their fault. They think it was caused by something they did or said, or they feel guilty and will blame themselves for the problems at home. This heavy burden of guilt can eventually turn into serious anxiety for them.


Teenagers are more likely to experience bouts of anger during a divorce. It’s not uncommon for them to blame one parent for the fallout of the marriage and the upheaval in the family unit. Anger is also common in children who are forced to move homes, change schools and suddenly lose contact with one of their parents without their consent. This can result in conflict, acting out and poor behaviour at home and school.


Feelings of abandonment are also common during and after a divorce. Children can lose their sense of security during divorce and fear that they might be abandoned by either one or both parents. This can often lead to the children attempting to get the parents back together, followed by rebellious behaviour when things don’t go exactly their way.


Some kids have a particularly difficult time understanding the reasons behind the split, especially if the parents get along following the divorce. The constant back and forth between parents can leave children confused about whose side they’re supposed to be on. And because children aren’t always able to talk about their feelings, they can often feel confused, sad, and lonely without anyone really noticing.

Divorce can place a lot of stress on your kids and even increase the risk of behavioural or mental health problems. If you’re going through a divorce, you must hire a lawyer that fully understands the process.  Our team at Zuber Brioux specializes in family law. We offer mediation services as well as family law services for clients with cases about separation, divorce and child custody. We’ll help you find a solution that benefits your children and all parties. Contact us today.

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