5 Steps Following a Personal Assault

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The term personal assault carries a wide range of possibilities, but handling the process after the fact should always be the same. If you have been assaulted in any way, it is important you follow these steps in a timely manner in order to ensure your safety and your path to justice.

1. Get Yourself to Safety

Depending on the severity of the attack you may need assistance to get yourself to safety. Scream and alert any surrounding people to the assault and ensure your personal safety. The louder you are the more attention you will draw to yourself which likely help to end the assault and the assailant will try to make their getaway.

2. Call 911

An advantage to the mobile world we live in is that everyone has a cell phone. As soon as you are physically able, you must call 911. The sooner you have a police presence on the scene, the better your chances are for getting justice against your assailant. If you require medical attention, request this in your 911 emergency call. Even if you aren’t sure you are injured, it might be best to have an assessment done to ensure you are physically unharmed. Some injuries do not appear until days or even weeks after the assault, and physical and psychological injuries may clear up immediately or may endure for rest of your life.

3. Look Around for Witnesses

If the assault was done in public, chances are there are witnesses who can corroborate your side of the story. Get contact information from anyone you think will help you if this assault ever goes to court and witnesses are required. Other people might be able to tell you more about your attacker than you can remember since they were not the ones experiencing trauma.

4. Call Your Lawyer

Get on the phone with your personal injury lawyer as soon as you are able to. They will be able to instruct you on how to proceed so as best to help your case. The sooner your lawyer is alerted to a personal assault, the sooner they can begin helping to get you justice.

5. Seek Ongoing Therapy if Needed

Surviving a personal assault is not an easy thing to mentally overcome. If you have been assaulted in any way the emotional damage from that can last a lifetime. It is important to seek proper therapy if you are having difficulty coping with the aftermath of any assault. Take time to invest in your own healing and help overcome any fears that may be instilled in you after any traumatic personal assault. Be sure to inform your lawyer if you are seeking any therapy as this could help your case. Your lawyer likely has connections and can help you find the best therapist for your needs to assist with your recovery.
It’s never easy to overcome an assault on your person, but having an experienced lawyer will who will fight the legal battles for you will be the saving grace you need. Contact Zuber Brioux, personal injury and personal assault lawyers in Ottawa, Kingston, and Eastern Ontario.

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