5 Tips for Safe ATV Riding

atv riding

Safe operating procedures are essential for ATV riders. The amount of accidents occurring in Kingston and the surrounding area is always increasing, and this is especially dangerous when it comes to teenagers and young riders. Because ATVs are primarily off-road vehicles and are designed to provide a thrilling and moderately dangerous driving experience, many people neglect the fact that they are still motor vehicles and when handled incorrectly can cause just as much damage as a car or motorcycle. ATVs are a great way to have some fast-paced fun in the great outdoors, but don’t let your excitement become fear. Follow these five tips for safe ATV riding.

Wear Protection at All Times

This goes without saying really. Always wear a helmet in all circumstances. Eye protection is also strongly recommended, especially if dust, dirt, or even small branches are likely to make contact. Wear appropriate clothing so if you happen to fall off the ATV, you will experience minimal scrapes and scratches.

Ride ATVs in Appropriate Settings

Though ATVs are suited for off-road use, you should be very careful about when and where you ride. For example, in Ontario, it is illegal to drive an ATV on the 401, though other small highways are permitted. Do not ride your ATV on ice if there is risk of cracking, do not trespass on private property, and do not disturb the local flora and fauna with your riding.

If ATV is Damaged, Do No Operate

Many people choose to buy ATVs second-hand and this extremely convenient and cost-efficient. However, if you do decide to do this, it is your responsibility to make sure that the vehicle is appropriate for use. If there is any indication that there is damage to the vehicle then do not drive it. Take it to a repair shop specializing in ATVs and make sure it is in excellent working condition before you go riding.

Keep to One Rider Per Vehicle

One of the reasons that ATVs are so great at off road driving is because they have the ability to spread weight in a way that makes fast turns easy. However, this ability is limited to the weight of one person only, so as soon as you add another rider to the mix this ability is compromised.

Take a Driver Safety Course

Safety courses are a great method of making sure you are safe while riding. It doesn’t matter what your driving ability is. For example, you could be a young teenager, or someone who has held a driving license for twenty years, you would still benefit from it.

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