5 Tips for Driving a Motorcycle Safely in the Rain

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Nervous about riding your motorcycle in the rain? Before any other tips, remember that in any weather condition, the number one tip is to stay alert and always be aware of the drivers around you. When driving, always consider that any move you make on the road can potentially cause a reaction from other drivers. Especially in the rain, this means that you should avoid sudden movements that can throw other drivers off, and to always proceed carefully when making turns.

Always keep in mind the building blocks of riding, and if you don’t feel comfortable riding in the rain, the best thing to do is to not do it! When you are rigid and nervous, your riding will lack smoothness and can cause a motorcycle accident. This being said, if you’re ever caught in a situation where you need to ride in the rain, remember the following tips.

Slow Down

This may seem like an obvious tip, but it is often forgotten. Remember that on a motorcycle, and in a car, your braking distance is increased when there is water on the road. By driving slowly, you greatly reduce the danger of riding your motorcycle in the rain.

Watch for Standing Water

Similarly to when you’re driving your car in the rain, these large pools of water can lead to hydroplaning. In puddles of standing water, you lose traction when water gets caught between your front tire and the road.

Not Time for Tricks

When it’s raining or if there is leftover water on the road, avoid last-second turns, unnecessary swerving between vehicles, or any daredevil moves. These are prime conditions for motorcycle accidents and not a time to test your motorcycle driving abilities.

Low Visibility? Wait it Out.

If the cars driving next to you have their windshield wipers at full speed, this is a pretty good indication that you should find a safe spot to pull over and wait for the heavy rain to pass. Low visibility that is caused by bow waves on the road or fogged face shields is extremely dangerous on a motorcycle and can cause a motorcycle accident. You can try to combat a fogged-up face shield by using an anti-fog solution.

Remember to be Comfortable

Anything that distracts you from the road and causes you to be less alert has the potential of being very dangerous. Remember to have appropriate rain gear that fits you properly to avoid having water leaking into your jacket.

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