4 Ways Social Media Can Impact Your Personal Injury Claims

4 Ways Social Media Can Impact Your Personal Injury Claims

Social media is an intricate part of our daily livelihood. People share everything, from their accomplishments to their failures to their family milestones, the latest dinner recipes and more. Although it may seem harmless, these digital footprints that we create become permanent, meaning they can’t be erased once they’re published. With so much personal info being readily available online, it can create complications when it comes to legal matters. For example, if you are involved in a legal dispute such as a personal injury, your social media posts could be used against you. Learn more about the ways that social media and car accidents could result in a failed lawsuit or place you in legal jeopardy.

It Can be Used as Evidence in Court

Most people aren’t aware that their social media posts can be used against them as evidence in court if there are relevant details to the case in question. In fact, the Superior Court of Ontario made it legal to use Facebook content as official documents for legal proceedings. This is a good reason to always be cautious about what you’re posting online, especially during any legal matters.

Your Credibility Can be Questioned

If you claim one thing, but your social media account depicts another, you could end up contradicting your own testimony and damaging your credibility. For example, if you claim to be injured following a car accident, but you’re posting updates about hiking on the weekend, that can ruin your entire case. If there’s proof that a plaintiff is in perfect health while placing a claim for pain and suffering, it can cast them in an unsympathetic light and force their case to be dismissed.


There are many things we do online without even realizing how it could impact personal injury claims. Check-ins are a common feature on many sites, and it’s something that we typically do without giving much thought. These location posts are another way to contradict your claim and end up losing in court. 

Comments from Witnesses

If friends or family members are witnesses to your injury, their online comments could damage your case and outcome too. One simple comment could highlight a false claim and be challenged by the defence.

If you’ve experienced a personal injury and plan on filing a claim, we highly recommend that you avoid posting anything on social media during that process. When you need legal representation and advice you can count on to win your case, contact our team at Ottawa Injury today.

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