How to Prevent Serious Child Injuries

How to Prevent Serious Child Injuries

Kids are curious by nature. As they grow, they love to explore, run around and learn about the environment around them. It’s a key part of their development, but it can also lead to some serious injuries. Though it’s impossible to avoid the bruises, falls and scrapes that are a typical part of growing up, there are some things that parents can do to prevent serious child injuries. Here are some tips to remember.

Pay Close Attention in Precarious Situations

Parents can’t always keep an eye on their kids every second of the day. But certain environments and situations could require a more watchful eye. This includes bath time or any time spent near water, playing on or around the playground or jungle gym, being in the kitchen, and playing near stairways, roadways, or out on the driveway.

Use Child Locks

Child locks can prevent children from accessing harmful household cleaners, sharp utensils, choking hazards, and other items that could lead to a serious injury. Always place child locks on drawers and cupboards throughout your home.

Block off Stairways

Falls are the most common injury among children. All it takes is one or two seconds for a child to run and lose their footing. Use gates to block any stairways throughout your home, and be extra mindful whenever your children are near a stairway outside of the home.

Store Medication or Chemicals On Higher Shelves

Keep any medications or toxic chemicals on higher shelves or cupboards where the kids can’t reach them. This can eliminate the potential risk of swallowing anything that could be dangerous.

Be Careful Around Pets

As much as we love our fur babies, it’s important to remember that they are still animals. Even when we think we know them as well as any human, they can be unpredictable, especially around children. Be mindful of leaving children near pets without parental supervision, and avoid having children pull, prod or irritate your pets in case they do react.

Keep Small Objects Out of Reach

Choking hazards are a major hazard for children. To reduce the risk, keep any small objects out of reach and always follow the age recommendations on any toys or child-related products.

If your child has been injured due to someone else’s neglect, you could be eligible for compensation. Contact our team today to discuss your legal options today.

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