What to Do if Your Dog Bites

What to do if Your Dog Bites

You are out playing with your dog when suddenly, he bites you — or even worse, another dog or person. A common issue with owning a dog is dealing with aggressive behaviour. While certain dog breeds and sizes are more well-known for this behaviour, this can happen to any dog owner. In order to be fully prepared, like any emergency, it is important to have a plan of action to take should this occur. 

My dog bit someone — what do I do now?

Assuming you’ve already regained control of your dog (if not, this is the first step!) Remain as calm as possible during the entire situation and help where you can. The severity of the bite will determine the next steps. If immediate medical attention is required, seek out your nearest urgent care facility, and/or call 911. If not, exchange contact information, along with any witnesses’ contact information. This will be extremely important should there be any legal issues moving forward. 

It is then important to contact your local animal control office to report the incident and provide as much information as you can. They will then give you instructions on how to proceed. Additionally, if you don’t have your dog’s medical records, contact your veterinarian and try to keep these on hand when out with your dog. This will be an extremely important document to have, as the victim will want to confirm additional information about your dog. 

My Dog Bit Another Pet

In most situations, the same steps listed above would apply. However, there are some exceptions to this:

Be cautious when trying to help a wounded animal as they can lash out in high-stress situations

Wrapping the animal in a towel or blanket can protect you

Offer assistance to the pet owner

In some situations, pet owners take the bill of any costs associated with the bite from their dog; if you can, this is something to take into consideration

My Dog Bit Me

There are many underlying reasons why your dog may bite you. Understanding the source of the problem is critical to finding a solution to the problem. One of the most effective ways to stop and prevent your dog from biting you, or anyone, is to enroll them in obedience training. Experiences in the early stages of a dog’s life can impact their ongoing behaviour and make the dog more aggressive. Healthy, mature, calm dogs do not typically become aggressive unless provoked – however, it can still happen. Understanding the factors that play a role in aggression is extremely important, as it will give you direction on how to curb it. 

To learn more about the legal action you may need to take, or for additional support, contact us at Zuber and Brioux today.

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