What to Do If There Is a Slip and Fall Accident On Your Property

What to Do If There Is a Slip and Fall Accident On Your Property

In the event that a slip and fall accident occurs on your property, there are certain steps you should take to prepare for the potential of a lawsuit. While each situation is different and more in-depth information can be provided by one of our attorneys, below we’ve listed some general smart practices that apply to most common slip and fall scenarios.

Contact Your Insurance Carrier

After discovering that a slip and fall accident has occurred on your property, you should notify your home insurance carrier of a potential claim. Typically, a phone call to your insurance agent followed by a mailed letter describing the incident will be sufficient.

Investigate the Accident Site

The next recommended step is to investigate the circumstances of the slip and fall accident. If you didn’t actually witness the accident yourself, try to get in contact with co-workers, employees, friends or neighbours who may have witnessed the accident occurring. Listen to their description of the events and write down notes based on what they tell you. In addition, make sure that you have up-to-date contact information for any witness that you speak with. Take pictures of the accident scene.

In the case that you personally saw the slip and fall occur, don’t be hesitant to lend a hand to the person that fell and ask them questions. Be sure to obtain contact information from the injured party. You should certainly feel comfortable assisting the injured party, but you also have a right to be protected in case they decide to file a lawsuit. Simply put, the more information you’re able to collect at the time of the accident, the better protected you’ll be.

Prevent Future Slip and Fall Accidents

It is possible for a slip and fall accident to occur without any apparent hazard, but it is more probable that there was a hazard on your property that contributed to the accident. If you know of a hazard, take the steps to fix it so someone else doesn’t get hurt.

In truth, there’s no way to tell if someone will bring a lawsuit or other form of legal action following a slip and fall accident. However, by taking the proper steps after a fall occurs, you’ll be best prepared to defend any potential legal action taken against you. If you are in the Kingston area and a slip and fall accident has occurred on your property, our trusted team of attorneys at Zuber Brioux can help. Contact us today.

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