What if My Insurance Claim Is Denied?

What if My Insurance Claim is Denied

If you’ve been involved in an accident and have filed an insurance claim to have the damages covered, there is always the chance that your claim could be denied. When this happens, and you disagree with the decision that has been made, you do not have to settle for such an outcome. There are other options available. Our team at Zuber Brioux can help you make a claim, challenge a denial through an appeal or file a lawsuit on your behalf. 

Why Was the Claim Denied?

There are many reasons why a claim may be denied in the first place. The most common reasons include having discrepancies on the application, submitting a claim worth more than the coverage, and failing to report to the police or seeking the necessary medical attention immediately after the accident. The denial might also be coming from the other party’s insurer. Either way, if you disagree with the result, you have rights and can request a dispute to try and mediate the situation. 

Challenging an Insurance Claim

If an insurer refuses to pay a claim or ends your coverage entirely, you have the right to appeal and have it reviewed by a third-party mediator. During this process, a mediator will assist both parties – you and the insurer – to resolve the issue and provide a solution that is mutually agreed upon. If the dispute is not settled, you can start the arbitration process. You can continue to move the appeal through the appeal phase and revocation if it is still not settled in arbitration. FSCO offers arbitrators for ADR and provides resources in dispute resolution. The arbitration process can be incredibly complex and legal in nature, so it is always recommended to have your own legal representation if your case reaches the arbitration phase. 

Filing a Lawsuit or Negotiating a Settlement

You can also talk to one of our personal injury lawyers about filing a lawsuit or negotiating a settlement on your behalf. A personal injury lawyer is well versed in insurance law and will be able to provide you with expert advice and representation. We are your best chance at resolving the claim against the insurance company and recovering the compensation. 

If you’ve been injured in an accident and are uncertain about your next steps, contact us at Zuber Brioux. Our award-winning lawyers will review the evidence and find a solution to best recover the compensation that you deserve.

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