Spending Your First Christmas as a Separated Family

Spending Your First Christmas as a Separated Family

It’s not easy going through a divorce. It can be especially difficult for the kids when the holidays come around. Christmas is a special time for children, and they’re used to having both parents there together. If you’re spending your first Christmas as a separated family this year, follow this short guide that will help you keep the holiday magic alive for the kids and make it a little easier for you as well.

Alternate Every Year

If you get the kids for Christmas day this year, plan for your ex to have them the year after. Setting an alternating schedule year after year will allow your kids to spend quality time with each parent and prevent anyone from feeling cheated.

Make Ground Rules Around Gift Giving

It’s not right to make your ex-spouse look bad by showing them up at Christmas time. It will only create more animosity which can ruin the magic of Christmas. Children are also smarter than they get credit for. If they suspect that you are trying to spoil them to irritate their other parent, they might start using this as a tactic to take advantage of you, or worse, resent you for it. To avoid any ill feelings around gift-giving, consult with your ex and create some ground rules around gift-giving. 

Don’t Introduce New Relationships

Now’s not the time to bring around your new fling and introduce them to everyone. Christmas is a family tradition and trying to introduce someone too soon into the mix could upset your children. It’s best to wait to introduce someone new that you’ve been dating until after the first Christmas as a separated family.

Focus On the Kids

This may seem like a good time to catch up with your siblings and talk about your divorce, but it’s the best time to just focus on the kids. Speaking about your ex will only spark up negative emotions and could also upset your children. The kids need your attention right now, so spend your energy focusing on their needs and making the holiday special and exciting for them.

Take Care of Yourself

If you’re not spending Christmas day with the kids this year, be sure to take care of yourself. It’s all too easy to become upset during these difficult times. Surround yourself with friends and family, and make your time with the kids as fun as possible.

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