Pedestrian Safety Tips During the Summer

Pedestrian Safety Tips During the Summer

Warmer weather and sunshine invite us to get outside and enjoy the summer season. Maybe you are headed to a block party, going to listen to music in the park, or walking to your favourite restaurant to enjoy the patio. Pedestrians crowd the sidewalks in celebration of nice weather and easier walking conditions. 

However, as a pedestrian, it is important to stay alert, paying attention not only to people but the cars around you. Here are four pedestrian safety tips to help you remain vigilant this summer. 

Obey Traffic Laws and Signals

We’ve likely all walked across the street before the light has changed, perhaps even jaywalking to get to our destination faster. While you might feel okay to cross after looking both ways, you never know when a vehicle is going to come speeding by. Ensure you are always following the law, waiting at designated crossing areas for traffic lights and walk signals to change before you walk onto the road. Use extra caution in busier areas where drivers don’t always follow the rules.

Avoid Drinking and Walking

We all know that drinking and driving is a crime in Ontario, but what about drinking and walking? Both public intoxication as well as drinking in public are punishable offences by law. Even a slight alcohol impairment could cloud your judgement or cause you to accidentally trip into the street. Ensure you have a reliable ride home if you are planning to go out for drinks, as walking might not be viable. 

Refrain from Distractions

Maybe you are focused on texting a friend back about where you’ll meet up, or picking a new song for your favourite Spotify playlist. Similar to the effects this has on drivers, distracted walking can be equally dangerous. Keep your eyes and ears on the road and stay alert, especially before, during, and after crossing the street.

Take Extra Care After Dark

There’s nothing like a peaceful evening stroll after a long, hot day. However, as a pedestrian, many drivers might struggle to see you at night, especially if you are wearing dark clothing. Ensure you have a bright colour or some high-visibility clothing on to alert drivers that you are there. Consider carrying a flashlight in particularly dark areas for added perceptibility. In addition, you might struggle to see well at night, especially if you suffer from depth perception issues with your vision or another form of visual impairment.

These pedestrian safety tips are meant to help protect you from the hazards that can come with walking around busy areas in the summertime. However, incidents still happen. If you or a loved one have been hurt as a result of driver negligence, our experienced personal injury lawyers at Ontario Injured can help. Contact us to learn more. 

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